About This Site

Starflake Nights is a hub for my personal and professional work. Its main goals are disseminating my work and showcasing my technical skills through the site's Projects section, as well as providing access to my work to others who may benefit from it.

I decided to make most of the content on this site available because I'd found a use for it myself (in academic and workplace settings, or simply for entertainment) and figured that there are probably a few people out there that could either use or help improve it. Some of it is more useful from the perspective of a student or someone who wants to learn a new technique (looking through the Somasoid MEP or Altrino Due source files, for example), where some is more traditionally useful in academic or R&D-type settings (such as Microfabber). Hopefully you find something here to enjoy.

As such, I am open to any constructive criticism or creative suggestions for the next iteration or direction for any of these projects - check out the Contact page if you'd like to do so.