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Somasoid MEP is an open-source and open-hardware (CC BY-SA 3.0 US) project focused on creating a high-quality, affordable myoelectric (essentially, residual muscle controlled) prosthesis. Currently in its early phases, the project's mainboard is still being tested and tweaked as needed and the firmware is ever-evolving. Once the electrical and software features of the project are sufficiently developed and tested, the mechatronic designs will be revisited and incorporated.

embedded software

Altrino Due Preview Altrino Due Arduino Due

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The Altrino Due project's end goal is a fully-featured framework for software development and deployment on the Arduino Due aimed at more complex projects than the standard Arduino IDE can easily facilitate. Currently, it incorporates parts of the Atmel Software Framework, compiles using arm-none-eabi with the option of using newlib-nano specs, uses BOSSA to upload code, and leverages PuTTY to allow users to interact with the board's emulated serial port. Additionally, support for FreeRTOS 8.0 is provided along with a simple C++ wrapper for tasks.



The Android operating system is both open and widely available to the public through inexpensive as well as high-end devices. It is also a platform that boasts customization and personalization as some of its most important features. As such, developing Android applications to enhance a user's productivity or simplify their interactions with their device can aid a large number of individuals.

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Senary Theme
Senary is a theme for GinLemon's Smart Launcher application that is built on hexagonal shapes. The buttons are semi-transparent with green backgrounds and white borders and icons, where the provided background is a mix of soft and deep blues.

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Microfabber is an application designed to simplify common laboratory calculations during the microfabrication process. Good calculations are invaluable to a good experimental design and, in the long run, a great product. Removing the slop factor for these initial calculations, as well as those that might be done on the fly, helps eliminate variability from the expected quality of wafers.
This program was developed to spread the Microfab 83/86 program suites to a wider population, as TI calculators are less universally available than Android phones, these days.

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Bullseye Edge
Bullseye Edge was unpublished from the Google Play store on October 22, 2016 after an informal request from Target Corporation.

Bullseye Edge is an open-source, unofficial app for accessing various Target team member services on Android (4.1+) phones. While all services are accessible through Target's site, they are somewhat scattered and the mobile views are not particularly lucid - this app seeks to collect the most useful links for Target team members and streamline the mobile experience.

To date, the included services include the following:
  • Weekly Schedule - personal schedule, current at the time of access
  • eHR - view past pay, make punch corrections, request time off
  • Webmail - Outlook inbox, accessible only by exempt (salaried) team members after update to Outlook 2013
  • Benefits - view benefits information such as heathcare, 401k, paid time off program details, and discounts
  • Tax Forms - view year end tax statements, update state and federal tax forms

Source: GitLab


Texas Instruments calculators are fairly ubiquitous among students, as are programs that simplify complex calculations or processes. As one proceeds to higher education, however, the availability of these programs becomes scarce (due to lack of demand and, to some degree, competition). The following applications were developed to fill in some of these gaps. They attempt to provide a simple user interface for completing complex and repetitive calculations.

TI Microfab Icon Microfab TI-83 TI-86

Microfab 83 at Microfab 86 at
Microfab Preview
A collection of programs that can be used to make common laboratory calculations for various microfabrication processes. To date, this includes calculations for: Deal-Grove model, Groove-and-Stain method, junction depth (predeposition and drive-in), and mean free path.

cryptocurrency wallets

Several cryptocurrency wallets lack build support or official builds for ARM platforms, which is an issue to users who desire energy-efficient solutions to currency mining, proof-of-stake opportunities, and mining node hosting.

This site section provides downloads for armv7l wallet software builds (Linaro, 3.0.36+) for several forms of cryptocurrencies.